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Ushio Amagatsu: Transfigured Butô

Whoever wants to learn about the successive transformations of the butô dance, should follow the artistic journey of this dancer, choreographer and stage director Ushio Amagatsu. Since his beginnings with Maro Akaji, himself a disciple of Hijikata, the founding father of the butoh, until his latest works, Amagatsu has lived through the evolution of this " dance of the darkness ", and has infused it with spirituality and esthetic which is characteristic of the work of his dance company Sankai Juku.

Sonia Schoonejans created the collection L’art de la danse in the editions Actes sud and Territoires de la danse in the Complexes editions. She is the author of the documentary series Un siècle de danse.

Limited seats, free entry
Reservation required HERE
Thursday 6 November at 7pm, Flux Laboratory

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