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Residence Katharine Vega


Katharine Vega is an artist, researcher and the founder of chroma.space, a studio founded in 2010 making work for theatre settings, galleries, outdoors and unusual site-specific installations. The creative focus and design of Kate’s work, is grounded in original research into embodiment, touch and multi-sensory immersion. This work forms the core investigation of her interdisciplinary PHD at the School of Music, Film and Media and the Sackler Institute of Consciousness Science (University of Sussex).

Art and performance work has shown nationally and internationally with recent work at Nimes 2016, London’s Science Museum, Brighton Digital Festival and FACT Liverpool, and have residencies at Blast Theory (UK), SCANZ (New Zealand) and Florida's ACA. Her work is featured in the touring exhibition on female digital artists Technology is Not Neutral and the recently published book "Intersecting Art and Technology in Practice". Chroma.space runs open labs and research, public events and workshops on the potential that improvisation, creative technologies and open source culture have for transforming how we sense, communicate and receive information about the earth.

Residence Katharine Vega
Residence Katharine Vega