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Residence for a creation by Sébastien Boucher - Groove'N'Move Festival 2016

Flux Laboratory is pleased to welcome Sébastien Boucher for a residence in Flux Laboratory, from 11 to 24 January 2016, as part of the creation Oxymore for the Groove'N'Move Festival in 2016.
Oxymore explores the relational dynamics that can be created within a group of individuals. From the mechanical compliance that needs to express its difference, the uniformity until its breaking point, the dancers evolve in constrained spaces where they will express themselves with different dance aesthetics. The gesture will be mainly based on popping, a hip-hop dance move. This explosive gesture is based on muscle isolations, dissociations, work lines and broken forms, and state changes. The idea of breaking and contrast is important: smooth and relaxed movements alternated with contractions and blockages.