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Residence Compagnie Caminante


Compagnie Caminante is a company founded by Maria Montero and Raquel Iniesta in 2012. In 2013 the company moves to Brussels, where it gives rise to various projects and collaborations.

Compagnie Caminante is currently run by Maria Montero, Ana Paula Gusmão and Nicola Vacca. It adopts different forms of production for its parts; Collective creation, individual creation and also creation in collaboration with other artists.

During their meeting with the Real Conservatorio Profesional of Danza "Mariemma" in Madrid it was a true artistic thunderbolt between the three. Under the artistic direction and trainer of Pedro Berdayes, father of a great experimental movement of the 1980s in Spain, a true "guru" and former director of the 10 & 10 Company of Madrid, they begin an artistic exploration together which continues today, Hui in real and professional life in France, Belgium and Portugal.

Currently, Compagnie Caminante is active with different pieces and educational projects: "Men’s Day", "Dance and Go. Peeps’ Fast Show", "Palma", "Flash sur un futur proche", and "Projet Chorégraphique Maison du Quartier Malibran".

The main project and objective of the company is artistic creation through movement, research and study of new languages and new forms of interpretation, the inspiration of which is often taken from everyday life with a certain taste for performance.

Residence Compagnie Caminante
Residence Compagnie Caminante