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Maya Bösch - Forest of O - Up Festival Amorgos, Greece

On the occasion of the Amorgos Up festival, Flux Laboratory, in partnership with the Embassy of Switzerland in Greece is happy to present the performance FOREST OF O of the Swiss artist Maya Bösch (Sturmfrei Company).

FOREST OF O brings together a choir of 100 people that will reflect the diversity and complexity of the island, its identity, history and utopia. A choir made of local people, artists and amateurs, but also associations, groups, communities, different generations, speaking different languages, from various backgrounds and diverse cultures.

FOREST OF O is a performance, a commemoration, a social sculpture, a collective cry, a choreography in space, a happening and a dance. The chorus of FOREST OF O will work on the principle of hope and utopia.

Maya Bösch is not interested by memory seen as a black box that records the various random information of the system, but memory as a physical event, as movement, as action and sound.




Forest of O
Forest of O
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