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"Artificial Landscapes", Jeremy Tran

100 volunteers from a variety of backgrounds (dancers from the Grand Théâtre de Genève, CNSMD Lyon Paris, Ballet Malandin; nondancers such as actors, architects, and jewelers) follow the lead of Jeremy Tran (dancer, photographer, videographer) to make this film about dance and architecture. This short film is composed like a landscape of the senses that uses poetry and movement to illustrate the paradoxes of being human. The project is a vehicle for sensory experiences used to express rifts, intimacy, hope, the quest for newness, while it breathes the essence of performing art, the here and now, performance into video imagery. 

The Fluxum Foundation is pleased to support this adventure. 
The film will be previewed at the FLUX Laboratory on September 18, 2014. 
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Photo © Charlton Fredoc

"Artificial Landscapes", Jeremy Tran
"Artificial Landscapes", Jeremy Tran
Charlton Fredoc