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Résonance initiatique : Opera III

The Fluxum Foundation is supporting this third installment in the Résonance initiatique cycle. The cycle contains ephemeral works of art all revolving around performance. Here, movement is combined with graphic and visual arts. In a return to the theme of the first two parts, the project explores how human rites of passage develop. The initiate is the dancer Giuseppe Bucci. He remains the constant element throughout each of these works while the guide is played by different people from various artistic fields. In Opera III, the guide is Charles Mugel. He leads the initiate towards verbalization of sound that is produced by a series of sensors and echoed by movement. The variation and combination of sound frequencies produced by the duo lead the initiate to discover multiple means of expression. The body’s inner energy is unleashed by movement.


Giuseppe Bucci, OPERA III
Giuseppe Bucci, OPERA III
(c) Grégory Batardon