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Residency Company Y-D


Dance company Y-D will be in residency at Flux Laboratory to work on their new project Electrum.

Every new generation of dancers is confronted with the same question: how much are our bodies standardized by preceding generations?

Every new generation is prompted to create and innovate, despite being profoundly influenced by centuries of evolution, social rules, unvoiced expectations and an overwhelming superego. Conceived as a performance for 4 dancers, Electrum actually questions the impact all these parameters have on the dancer’s body and movements.

Dance education not only formats the body on different physical levels (muscle structure, skeletal structure, the relationship with space, balance and gravity…) but also psychologically, by imposing a certain way of apprehending space and of thinking about our own and other people’s bodies. Consequently, are choreographers doomed to constantly repeat the past (their training) or can they really invent a present?

Electrum from the dance company Y-D
Electrum from the dance company Y-D
Judith Desse